I know you are curious to see my prices, but as you may imagine some designs just don’t have a fixed price. Sure, I could give you a ballpark but it may happen (and it does happen) that the design you need is actually cheaper than my ballpark.

I highly motivate my potential clients to contact me. If it’s not within what I usually charge, I may be able to refer you to a colleague or help you reassess your budget.

Feel free to email me with your questions and I will put a custom quote together for you. If you are interested in more than one design I can give you a discount too.

Pricing FAQ

Are your prices affordable?

I can give you some prices as a reference. But the truth is that since I am a freelancer, I do manage to offer good prices. I also try to be fair with my clients. So I provide good quality, no matter what; but it doesn’t mean that you have to pay high fees just for the sake of it.

So, as a reference, a logo design costs approximately $300, business cards cost around $200, letterheads cost $200. See, it’s not that expensive. Is it?

I am a painter. Will you design for me if I paint you a mural?

I don’t need a mural (at least not now) but if you have an interesting product or service you think could interest me I will be happy to listen. I am all about bartering services. Win-win, right?

We are a non-profit. Will you design for free?

Normally no. But there may be exceptions. I have certainly offered discounted fees for non-profits, so feel free to send me your inquiry. I am a true believer of Pay It Forward.

Do you offer an easy payment plan?

I am flexible, especially if you are a current client or if you were referred by a client. Let me know your needs and I will prepare a plan that fits your budget. Please note: I don’t usually deliver the final files until the total amount is paid.

I need the brochures so I can start selling. Can you do the design and I will pay you when I make money?

Unfortunately no. I take my work seriously and therefore you have to pay, just like any other service you buy. It wouldn’t be fair for me and for my other clients who are paying as agreed.